our colourful moments story

once upon a time (in may 2005), in a land far far away (actually it was in bangladesh), three good friends launched the company "somewhere in..." with a vision to make a global solution for local communities. the three founders soon added bob to the team, bob is nothing less than "best of bangladesh" talents. with bob, innovation flourished and they created highly popular social media services in bangla, they became trusted partners of their clients in norway, they won the "red herring top 100 asia" award and they all lived happily ever after... well, not fully there, business isn´t that easy, but we have created something very unique and have created a positive impact for our bob talents, community, customers and partners and we are not stopping...

local social media
somewhere in... brought bangla to the internet in 2005 and gave birth to local blogging.  we have forever changed the media landscape. if you want to know more about us, whether you one of our 100 000+ members, a potential business partner or just interested in our services, read on. learn more
nordic way outsourcing
somewhere in... has successfully served nordic clients with off-shored IT services since 2005. we take pride in working "the nordic way" and we speak norwegian. if you want reduced risk and high upside for your offshore development, we have just the business model you need. learn more
best of bangladesh
we hire only bob! that is the "best of bangladesh" talents we so carefully select, people to trust in all situations. this makes somewhere in... a fun place to work, a place to grow! a work environment cultivated through inclusiveness, imagination, curiosity and engagement. learn more

we, the team