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Download iPhone SDK using wget

August 28th, 2009 8 comments

If you are using slow connection like me and trying to download the apples iPhone SDK , then you already know how much tough it is , because of apple only allow to download this file after login. And non of the download manager can give you the resume facility. so after trying 2 days with different downloaders i tried wget and got sucess 😀

Here i am discribing how to do it. First login to (if you don’t have any account, just create one, it’s free). then use firefox extension to export (firebug+firecookie) cookie to cookie.txt . Then rest of the task simple. just copy download link from and give the following command in the console.

$cd /path/to/cookie.txt

$ wget -ct 0 –load-cookies cookie.txt your_file_url

that’s all, now you can resume download without any problem. Here is the command i used to download to download it.

$ wget -ct 0 –server-response –load-cookies cookies.txt

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