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playing too much games

May 16th, 2010 4 comments

I am also feeling myself that i am playing too much computer game. i should stop now. lot’s of my pet projects are pending, even the avro team waiting for me to submit the avro linux version code to debian/ubuntu repository 🙁 . i should should stop now.

Anyway let me share you which game i am playing now a days.

1. AOE2 – ( though its a very old game, but still i love it. it prove that “old is gold”

2. AOE3 – ( it’s my second fav 🙂 i like the deck 🙂

also playing some other game, will add more on next post, again going to play aoe3 🙂

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my psp :)

March 27th, 2009 10 comments

last month i was too busy with my office work and another secrate work (i will declare it very soon). in that time suddenly i bought a cool psp 3006 🙂 . all credit goes to my wife & girl friend tania sabnam 😀

psp 3006

psp 3006

i am really happy with it’s performance. games i played:

1. god of war

2. burnout legends

3. full auto 2

4. capcom collection (20 games)

5. GTA

6. mercury meltdown


why not join with me 😛

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