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WordPress with full bangla language support

November 8th, 2008 26 comments

Day by day more blog are coming. It’s really great news for everyone. As lot’s of bengali are asking me about WordPress bangla language file. here it is 🙂 .

In this post i wrote a little “howto” to translate or use WordPress in bangla.

First of all you need to checkout latest language pack form meghdut site.

Open your terminal and give the under given command (if you already installed subversion otherwise search google how to install subversion)

svn co .

This command will checkout latest language pack from subversion repository. or you can open in your browser and right click on file and select “save link as”.

Now you need to upload these files to your WordPress installed directory.

First make a folder called languages in wp-includes/ then upload these files to that language files.

Or if you are maintaining you WordPress (that i always suggest) then enter to that language folder then execute this command

svn co .

it will download latest langugage pack from subversion repository. more over if the repository file updated just run “svn up” on languages folder, it will get latest update from repository.

Now you need to configure your WordPress to use this new language files. so edit your wp-config.php file that you will get in the root folder of your WordPress directory.

replace define (‘WPLANG’, ”); with define (‘WPLANG’, ‘bn_BD’);

save it , done 🙂

open your blog in any browser and see the magic 🙂

**all the string will not comes with bangla, you will need to edit some values from your admin panel also, like the titles of widgets.

If you have time please visit this page and help them to translate WordPress 🙂

For writing bangla, you will need the bangla writing plugin that you will get here.

**i wrote this tutorial in short time, so may have some mistake, please inform me in comments.

wordpress bangla plugin 2.0

December 24th, 2007 36 comments

i just finished version 2.0 of wordpress bangla plugin. in this new version now you also use probhat layout.

you can download it from here


simple unzip this file and overwrite the old files.

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